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This 900 foot ridge offers magnificent views of the coast that stretches to San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. A local guide offers the opportunity to venture out into the Pacific Ocean to navigate the new road, a journey rewarded with spectacular views of the bay, the coast of San Mateo County and even the Santa Cruz Mountains. The San Francisco - Area Trails offer a variety of scenic and scenic trails along the scenic East Bay coast, along the Marin and Marin County coastlines.

The state recreation area is also home to the Forrest Deaner Native Plant Garden, sponsored by the California Native Plant Society. The park is dedicated to Benicia, the city where the California Legislature met on February 24, 1854, when it voted to move the state's capital to Sacramento. This legislative term took place in a building that is now the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park. On the west side of the park, at the intersection of San Mateo and San Francisco streets, there is a state park, and there are several other parks in the area, such as San Jose State Park and Santa Cruz State Park.

If you're looking for a break from the bargain shop - hunting - there's a sit-down restaurant on the corner of San Mateo and San Francisco streets, just a few blocks from the historic park of the Benicia Capitol, for those who want to walk. The California State Capitol is on the west side of the park and the state recreation area is on the east side. The California Capitol's travels included a brief stay in Benicia from 1853 to 1854, but he settled permanently in Sacramento and returned to his original location in San Jose in 1855. In Benica you can visit the California State Library, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo State University or the University of Southern California.

You can access the state recreation area by exiting I-780 at Military Road and turning right onto the Benicia - Southampton Bay Road exit. You can follow Dillon Point Road, which leads west and passes the wetlands on the west coast of Southampton Bay.

Named after the Ohlone Indians who once lived in the area, the trail serves as a commuter corridor for residents and visitors to Benicia - Southampton Bay.

There are also three regional trails on the Benicia waterfront that converge in Glen Cove Park and connect the San Francisco Bay Trail, Sandra Marker Trail and South Coast Trail. In addition to connecting the two major roads in the city of San Jose and San Mateo County, it also runs for a mile along the coast. Take Highway 113 to Interstate 80 south of Dixon and continue south until the highway turns 90 degrees. From there, you can travel 10 miles south to the intersection of Highway 120 and Highway 111, then continue north on Highway 112 until you take Highway 113 South toward Interstate 80 South in Dixon.

If you want to enjoy a great view, take the Mori Ridge Trail, which is one of the most popular hiking trails in Benicia and a great option for people of all skill levels. This picturesque path winds through the hills of the counties of San Mateo and Marin, offering an intoxicating combination of scenic views and sweeping views. If you're looking for a gentle rail path in Marin County that provides easy access to the San Francisco Bay Trail and Tiburon Historical Trail, this is the place for you. It is a good choice for all people with all qualifications and also for those who are interested in hiking and cycling.

The Suisun Valley is nestled between two coastal ranges and halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. It is centrally located and is home to San Jose State University and the University of California, San Mateo.

The Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers meet in the Strait of Carquinez and flow through it into the Bay of San Francisco. For most recreational craft, the Suisun Canal provides access to the Sacramento River and its tributaries, as well as the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

The San Francisco Bay Ferry leaves from the Vallejo Harbor and takes travelers from San Pablo Bay to the San Francisco Ferry Building. It also offers a way to travel through the interior of the Bay Area, on the same route as tourists traveling from Solano County to San Francisco.

The Highway 237 bikeway runs parallel to State Route 237 on the north side of the San Francisco Bay from San Jose to the Bay Area. The Old Highway 40 Bike Trail runs parallel to eastern Davis and connects to Interstate 5 to the east and Highway 101 Bike Way to the west.

The recreational area of Benicia State stretches across the Strait of Carquinez, where the waters of the California Delta meet the waters of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Isabel Avenue Trail runs along the east side of Benici Avenue from San Jose to the southern end of Davis and north to San Mateo County and south to Santa Cruz County. Benica Capitol State Historic Park is the only state park in the county to have state wildlife reserves.

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More About Benicia